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Welcome teachers! We have tons of resources to help make your life in teaching– and investing in the next generation of English speakers– easy!

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downloadsFree Downloads

Straight from our DVD video lessons, we provide flashcards, BINGO sheets, and worksheets. These are FREE for you to download, print, laminate, and use to make teaching the DVDs a breeze!

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dvdsDVD Set

Find out more about our DVD set! These DVDs are fun to watch, but are not entertainment. Rather, each DVD contains vocabulary-rich lessons that teach the basic of English. These four DVDs go in a specific sequence, taking students from zero to a place of basic English competence.

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lessonsDVD Lessons

Take a peek into all of the lesson in the KidsWow 4 DVD set! Each lesson has a short description, a teach it! section, links to important resources, and more.

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gamesGame Ideas

Teaching when you are bored is no fun. So keep it exciting! We've come up with lots of cool games you can play for students of a wide range of ages. Be sure to check out flashcard games and test-try games: games that work with any set of flashcards!

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atomTeaching Successfully

How do you teach with our program, or any program for that matter? Is there a secret to learning language?

It may not be a secret, but there are a couple things you have to know if you want to be able to learn (or teach) a language– and keep it.


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                5 Steps to Natural Learning
                It all starts with listening
                The Value of English in Today's World
                Right vs Left Brain learning...

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kidswowKidsWow Program

The KidsWow program is designed to let kids of all ages master the basics of English as a second language. The target age group is kids 3-13, before they enter Jr. High school.

Unlike other ESL programs, KidsWow English Pro embraces a totally new concept. Our program prioritizes LISTENING and repetition in language learning. To do this, we have developed DVD lessons and flashcards which compatably teach basic English. We start with the basics, and seek to build a firm foundation in the basics before taking on too much difficult material.

To learn more about our program, read the following articles.

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                About Us

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startGetting Started

How to get started? First of all, take a look at our DVDs, the core of our program (KidsWow DVDs). Browse through our lesson pages (DVD lessons) and check out our free downloadable resources (downloads).

Also, read the articles on language learning, which present our concept of teaching and language acquisition (Natural Learning Process ).

And, contact us! We'd love your input, and if you would like to join our KidsWow team, just let us know by writing us at


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