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Privacy Policy

All the materials available from are original creations and legally registered through the United States copyright office. We offer many of the materials free and available for your personal use, both for learning and teaching English. We want to support both the students and the teacher with our materials.

However, we ask that you would consider our expenses and effort required to make these materials and the materials we hope to create in the future. We have no end of new ideas. However, like with any new creative movement, money is always tight and we work hundreds of hours without pay, hoping this concept will be life changing for many.

Please do not take our materials to sell or build your own program without investing in our program in the process.

We sell the DVDs, and we also sell a package program with additional materials and tools that we use, including our own personal support to make your program completely successful. We have seen amazing results. Some kids not only learn English, they begin to think bigger, better and become empowered for the future.

The free downloads on this site were designed to work in combination with the KidsWow DVDs; however, it is not require that users purchase the DVDs for them to use the free downloads on this site. The desire of KidsWow English is that people everywhere learn English to further global communication. If as a user your intentions are the same as ours, you are at liberty to use our materials.

We are a family based business and we bless you in your efforts.

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