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Games Descriptions

Fun is an important element in learning English. That's why we've come up with all sorts of games to make both teaching and learning more enjoyable.

The most important type of game in this sections is the flashcard game, which is a game that works with any set of flashcards. In the KidsWow program, material introduced in the DVD lessons is reinforced either in class or at home through flashcards. Reviewing the same flashcards the same way over and over can get boring, so that is why we use flashcard games. A similar game to the flashcard game is the test-try game, which also works with any set of flashcards. In a test-try game, students are "tested" with the flashcards, and then they get to "try" a fun activity.

The game descriptions below redirect to the different types of games in this section.


> Hammer Game

Materials: Two squeaky hammers, and flashcards
Participants: Teacher and two students at a time

TEACHER: Lay out 8 or more flashcards on a table. Give squeaky hammers to two students who are of similar levels. Then, name off one of the flashcards: Where is the "A Apple" flashcard? Have the students race each other to try to hit that flashcard with their hammers. Name off more flashcards. After a while, let the next pair of students take a turn, until everybody gets to have a turn.

Students race each other to make the game exciting. The idea is not to keep score or to let students beat each other. Rather, you are trying to see if they can find the correct flashcard when you say the word.

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> Ball-toss

In this test-try game, set up a basket on one side of the room, or a little distance away from the students. After you've tested the first student with flashcards, let him or her try to throw a ball into the basket. Either the small or big poof balls work well. We've chosen this kind of ball because they are totally safe even if they get thrown somewhere they are not supposed to. If the student gets the ball in the basket, praise them for it. If they don't, that's okay too. Let the next student try to get the ball in the basket, and keep the game going.

If you realize that the activity is too hard and students aren't having fun, make it easier. Don't let the students get discouraged. The idea is to have fun while learning. So if the students aren't having fun (or aren't learning) then it's time for a change.

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> Dice Game

Materials: Two dice
Participants: Student by student, or as a group

TEACHER: Roll two dice. Have student(s) call out the sum of the two numbers on the dice. Do this over and over. This is a simple game for teaching numbers.

This game also works with only one die, or with three dice.

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