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Flashcard Downloads

Out of all the tools in the KidsWow program, flashcards are perhaps the most important. Our flashcards are taken right off of the DVD lessons, and are useful both in class and at home to reinforce the material. Below are pdf downloads of KidsWow flashcards. These flashcards are FREE for you to download, laminate, and use at home or in class.

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The downloads (pdf) below are organized by DVD. Downloads can also be accessed from the individual lesson pages.

The Zoo DVD
The Jet DVD
The Basketball DVD


abc dvd

abcs flashcards
Capital ABC's flashcards

 1-10 Numbers flashcards
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vegetables fds
Vegetables and Fruit flashcards

eggs flashcards
Count the Eggs flashcards

colors sheet
Basic Colors flashcard sheet

abcs sheet
Capital ABC's flashcard sheet

your body
Your Body flashcards (high quality)
Your Body flashcards (low quality)

vegetables sheet
Vegetables and Fruit flashcard sheet

tiger sheet
Where is the Tiger? flashcard sheet

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zoo dvd
The Zoo DVD

zoo flashcards
At the Zoo flashcards (high quality)

 At the Zoo flashcards (low quality)

 small abc fds
Small abcs flashcards

shapes flashcards
Color and Shapes flashcards

Numbers 10-20 flashcards

pool flashcards
At the Pool flashcards


Are You A Mailman flashcard sheet
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small abcs sheet
Small abcs flashcard sheet

shapes sheet
Color and Shapes flashcard sheet

 Numbers 10-100 flashcards


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jet dvd
The Jet DVD

jet flashcards
Can You Say Jet flashcards

desk flashcards
At the Desk flashcards (high quality)

At the Desk flashcards (low quality)

caveman flashcards
What is He Doing flashcards

 fast car flashcards
Where is the Fast Car flashcards

want a box fds
Do You Want a Box flashcards

jet sheet
Can You Say Jet flashcard sheet

verbs sheet
All Verbs flashcard sheet

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boy flashcards
 What is the Boy Doing flashcards

fast car sheet
Where is the Fast Car flashcard sheet

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basketball dvd
The Basketball DVD

bike flashcards
Can You Ride a Bike flashcards

sports flashcards
When Do You Play flashcards

time flashcards 
What Time Is It flashcards (high quality)
 What Time Is It flashcards (low quality)

 umbrella flashcards
Is the Umbrella Wet flashcards

dressed flashcards
Getting Dressed flashcards (high quality)

Getting Dressed flashcards (low quality)

sports music sheet
Sports / Music flashcard sheet

music flashcards
Do You Play Music flashcards

time sheet 
What Time Is It flashcard sheet
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umbrella sheet
Is the Umbrella Wet flashcard sheet


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