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Even though the KidsWow program is based on the DVDs, a whole range of other materials supplement the DVD lesson. Many of these materials are provided for you right here.

Materials are organized in groupings below. Or, you can go to the DVD lesson pages and find out what materials are available by looking at the "Materials Links" section for each lesson.



flashcardsFlashcards and sheets
Free PDF downloads. These flashcards reinforce the main words and sentences from the DVD lessons, and were created directly from the DVD material. Both flashcards and flashcard sheets are available for many lesson. Download and print them yourself! Capital and small abcs, numbers, actions, adjectives...


bingoBINGO sheets
Free PDF downloads. These BINGO sheets correspond with importatnt lessons from the KidsWow DVDs. Vegetables and fruit, colors, times of the day...


Free PDF downloads. These worksheets are a great resource for teaching DVD lessons. These worksheets were specially created to correspond with specific DVD lessons. Alphabet matching, Who Am I?, Number matching...



gamesGames Descriptions
Learning is a lot more fun when you're playing a game. That's why we've come up with tons of games that are based off of the Kidswow DVD lessons. These games include:

Flashcard games - These games work with any flashcard set
Test-Try games - These games incorporate learning with an activity
BINGO variations - BINGO can be played more than one way
Other games - Games for numbers, with toys, and more


toolsTools for Teaching
Certain tools just lend themself to learning, whether at home or in the classroom. The tools in this sections are used in a number of games and activities.


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