The value of English in Today’s World.

A young lady asked me the question,
“Why do we Japanese need to learn English?”
I answered, that I realize it takes a lot of time and effort to really learn English. But look at the big picture. Japan has almost no natural resources. During the last sixty years the Japanese laborer and intelligence has allowed Japan to prosper and compete in the world market.

However, from now on the number of young workers will decrease and Japan will continue to need o build working relationships with the outside countries. Today, they study English in China, India, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Africa, and Europe. And of course America and New Zealand and Australia use English.

English is the most commonly used language in the world. It would not be wise, in my opinion, to raise our children to have only one language to work with in the future. We have to work together around the world. There is no other option for peace and prosperity. When the parents value foundational English, the children learn much faster with more motivation.

For the sake of the future of our children we need to value learning basic English.



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