It all starts with listening.   (日本語)

Does a lot of listening... become speaking ?

Do you remember any television commercials which you never tried to memorize? Why do they stay in our minds with no effort on our part? Because we heard them so many times! And commercials are made to catch our attention with energy and excitement, often they have music and great visual images, all of which help our minds to create a memory.

KidsWow English Pro is not designed to be entertainment. However, I do believe there are many lessons that will be fun for the whole family to watch over and over. The DVD lessons are tools, along with the flash cards and games. We want you to have fun, but the goal is to learn English. That requires focused repetition, listening and testing yourself over and over until you know it without thinking..

Fluency is the ability to think in the language that you are using. Fluency is instantaneous. It takes little effort. If you are thinking in Japanese and translating into English you need more listening time. Translation takes time. The difference is easily detected by both the speaker and the listener.

In the earliest stages of language learning, repetition is what lays the firm foundation upon which fluency can be built. KidsWow EnglishPro, on DVD, offers you a way to get that early repetition in a way that is fun and easy.

The goal is fluency in what you learn.





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