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What is this lesson?
How do I teach this lesson?
Materials Links
New Words and Sentences


What is this lesson?

The boy can throw a ball, jump, read a book, and even climb a ladder. He can do all sorts of things! Actions are put in sentences in this lesson.

This lesson goes with the lesson What is He Doing?, also on this DVD. Like that lesson, "What is the Boy Doing?" teaches action words or verbs. Verbs are the words that give sentences color and brightness. They communicate motion, that something is happening. Verbs are important, so pay extra attention to this lesson!

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How do I teach this lesson?

This lesson introduces even more verbs, both by themselves (present form and present participle form) and in sentences.

You can teach this lesson with flashcards, flashcard games, and even with action games such as the Stand Up! Game.

Since this lesson is so similar to the lesson What is He Doing?, it works well to teach these lessons together. In fact, the flashcard sheet for this lesson is a combination of the two lessons.

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Materials Links

The following materials are available for this lesson:

Flashcards: Go to Flashcard downloads

<Download What is the Boy Doing flashcards>
<Download All Verbs flashcard sheet>

BINGO sheets: Go to BINGO sheet downloads

Worksheets: Go to Worksheet downloads

Games: Go to Flashcard games / Go to Stand Up! Game

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New Words and Sentences in this Lesson

What is the Boy Doing?

Catch            Catching
Throw          Throwing
Kick             Kicking
Jump            Jumping
Roll              Rolling
Eat               Eating
Drink           Drinking
Read            Reading
Hop             Hopping
Climb          Climbing

The boy is catching the ball.
The boy is throwing the ball.
The boy is kicking the ball.
The boy is jumping.
The boy is rolling the ball.
The boy is eating lunch.
The boy is drinking juice.
The boy is reading a book.
The boy is hopping.
The boy is climbing a ladder.

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