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What is this lesson?
How do I teach this lesson?
Materials Links
New Words and Sentences


What is this lesson?

Where's Bob the blob? Is he inside the box? Outside the box? In this short lesson, four important prepositions are introduced. Learn how to describe something–or someone– in relation to something else.

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How do I teach this lesson?

This lesson introduces four short phrases: inside the box, outside the box, behind the box, and in front of the box. The goal of this lesson is that students know what these descriptive phrases mean and become familiar with them.

A great way to teach this lesson is with worksheets. We provide several FREE worksheet downloads for this lesson.

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Materials Links

The following materials are available for this lesson:

Worksheets: Go to Worksheet downloads

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New Words and Sentences in this Lesson

Inside the Box
Outside the box
In front of the box
Behind the box

In front

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