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fast car

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What is this lesson?
How do I teach this lesson?
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New Words and Sentences


What is this lesson?

Fast Car? Slow Car? Big box? Small box? Learn your adjectives! Is it tall, or is it short? Brilliant 3D objects contrast each other in punchy animations. Master this lesson, and you'll know how to describe all sorts of things!

Adjectives are the words that tell ABOUT the main words in the sentence. Why is that important? Back in The ABCs, you learned the sentence pattern "Where is the Tiger?" in the lesson Where is the Tiger?. Now, in this lesson, you are using the same sentence pattern, but are adding in adjectives. Also, you learned the pattern N + is + verb in At the Zoo lesson on The Zoo. Now you're learning a similar pattern: N + is + adj, as in "The pencil (N) is short (adj)."

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How do I teach this lesson?

This lesson teaches adjectives, but it does a lot more. It teaches you the word by itself, and describing something. Then, the lesson shows you how to use these adjective in both questions AND statements. Take the word "sharp": Sharp. Sharp knife. The knife is sharp. Where is the sharp knife?

Only one of the forms (statement or question) is introduced for each adjective/noun combination. Teach the sentences as they appear on the DVD first, but after a while you can begin to change the form of the sentence. The apple is big. Where is the big apple?

The adjectives in this lesson are paired up as opposites: fast and slow, light and heavy. The contrast between the two adjectives is a good way to make clear what the difference is between the two.

Flashcards and games are available for this lesson!

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Materials Links

The following materials are available for this lesson:

Flashcards: Go to Flashcard downloads

<Download Where is the Fast Car flashcards>
<Download Where is the Fast Car flashcard sheet>

Worksheets: Go to Worksheet downloads

Games: Go to Flashcard games

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New Words and Sentences in this Lesson

The knife is sharp.
The knife is dull.
The apple is small.
The apple is big.
The pencil is long.
The pencil is short.
The car is fast.
The car is slow.
The plate is dirty.
The plate is clean.
The weight is heavy.
The weight is light.
The car is old.
The car is new.
The box is big.
The box is small.
The glass is tall.
The glass is short.
The book is thick.
The book is thin.

Where’s the fast car?
Where’s the slow car?
Where’s the big apple?
Where’s the small apple?
Where’s the tall building?
Where’s the short building?
Where’s the long arrow?
Where’s the short arrow?
Where’s the big box?
Where’s the small box?
Where’s the clean plate?
Where’s the dirty plate?
Where’s the new car?
Where’s the old car?
Where’s the sharp knife?
Where’s the dull knife?
Where’s the long pencil?
Where’s the short pencil?
Where’s the tall glass?
Where’s the short glass?
Where’s the thick book?
Where’s the thin book?
Where’s the light weight?
Where’s the heavy weight?

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