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What is this lesson?
How do I teach this lesson?
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New Words and Sentences


What is this lesson?

Do you play the guitar? In this lesson, you'll learn about all sorts of musical instruments. Let's make some noise!

This lesson is the sister lesson to When Do You Play?, the first lesson on this DVD. The same three sentence patterns are covered in each lesson, but the emphasis is a little bit different on each. This lesson asks the questions, "Do you play the trumpet?" and "Can you play the violin?" At the end of the lesson, it reviews the sentence "When do you play?", this time with a clock showing a specific time, as opposed to the general designations of morning, afternoon, evening, and night in the "When Do You Play?" lesson.

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How do I teach this lesson?

This lesson introduces over ten different musical instruments. But the focus of this lesson are the three sentence patterns "Can you play," "Do you play," and "When do you play." Of course, these sentences work perfectly with the musical instruments, so you are actually teaching both things at once.

Make sure the students understand the distinction between the sentence patterns. To someone just learning English, the three sentences may all sound the same. Make it clear the difference between capability (Can you?), current ability (Do you?), and a question of what time of the day that assumes ability (When do you?).

All sorts of flashcard games, in addition to normal flashcard practice, work well for this lesson. Another game that works well for more than five people is the What Can You Do? Game.

You can also teach this lesson alongside What Time Is It?, a lesson taught earlier on this DVD. That lesson asks the question "What time is it?" and gives an answer of a specific time of day ("It is nine o'clock"). Similarly, you can ask the question, "When do you play the piano?" and get an answer of a time of day ("At eleven o'clock").

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Materials Links

The following materials are available for this lesson:

Flashcards: Go to Flashcard downloads

<Download Do You Play Music flashcards>
<Download Sports / Music flashcard sheet>

Games: Go to Flashcard games / Go to What Can You Do? Game

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New Words and Sentences in this Lesson

Can you play an instrument?
Do you play music?

Can you play the piano?
Do you play the trumpet?
When do you play in the band?

Drum set


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