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What is this lesson?
How do I teach this lesson?
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What is this lesson?

Very simply, this lesson introduces numbers 1 through 10 and basic counting. The numbers appear one after another. Students can count along with the DVD and learn their numbers!

Make sure that students really learn this lesson well. Using numbers requires accuracy, which means you have to know them absolutely. One of the most important ways you use number is when dealing with money, and you want make sure you have your numbers straight!

This lesson introduces numbers. The Count the Eggs lesson, also on this DVD, expands on this lesson to teach counting basic objects.

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How do I teach this lesson?

This lesson introduces numbers 1 through 10, repeated several times over. As the teacher, your job is to reinforce this lesson, giving the students tons of repetition through as many means as possible. Students start learning these numbers by just watching the lesson, but they need lots more practice so that they learn this lesson COMPLETELY.

This lesson teaches well with flashcards, at least to get basic repetition and response. Another really good approach is to play number games. Roll two dice and have students call out the individual numbers, or the sum of the numbers (Dice Game). Another game you can use to teach counting is the Clothes Pins Game.

Remember, accuracy is important with this lesson. The numbers in this lesson are the foundation for all other number lessons. To be able to use numbers when dealing with time, or especially money, you need know 1 through 10 without even thinking.

Teaching Hint:

It helps to teach the numbers 11 and 12 with the lesson as well. This helps transition students into the teen numbers. If you are playing the Dice Game, this works really well, since two dice cover all numbers between two and twelve.

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Materials Links

The following materials are available for this lesson:

Flashcards: Go to Flashcard downloads

<Download 1-10 Numbers flashcards>

Games: Go to Flashcard games / Go to Dice Game / Go to Clothes Pin Game

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New Words and Sentences in this Lesson


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