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What is this lesson?
How do I teach this lesson?
Materials Links
New Words and Sentences


What is this lesson?

Learn the letters of the alphabet! This lesson teaches "A" to "Z" in capital letters. Lovable 3D objects are paired with every letter, an apple with the letter "A," a jet with the letter "J." Watch the letters and objects as they bounce, spin, and dance on the screen. Each letter is spoken multiple times, and is pronounced as well.

Letters are the foundation of all words and sentences. The alphabet sets up the very sound and structure of the entire English language.

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How do I teach this lesson?

The entire alphabet is introduced in this lesson. Each letter has a word to go with it, and the letters are both spoken and pronounced. Still, students need lots and lots of repetition until they know this lesson inside and out.

Use flashcards to teach the letters and words. However, you will need to review this material so many times that you'll want to use flashcards in as many ways as you can to keep things interesting. Use the flashcards in games, such as the hammer game or minefield game, and make use of the BINGO sheets that we provide. BINGO is a great game for kids, and it will make learning and reviewing this lesson a lot more fun.

Teaching Hint:

The letters "B" and "V" sound very similar to students who are learning for the first time. Make sure students can tell the difference. Give lots of practice on these letters!

Extra Material:

There are three very important questions that need to be taught along with the lesson that DO NOT appear on the DVD. These questions are:

What is this?
Where is the ______?
What do you want?

Use these questions as you teach the letters of the alphabet. For example, take the set of ABC flashcards. Ask your students one by one, "What is this?" Have them answer by saying the letter (A!), the word (apple!), or both (A apple!). Then ask them, "What do you want?" Have your students choose a flashcard. Or, lay out several flashcards on table and ask, "Where is the 'V violin'?" and have the students point to that flashcard.

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Materials Links

Flashcards: We provide FREE flashcard downloads that correspond with this lesson. This includes both a flashcard sheet with all the letters and miniature flashcards of each individual letter. Print these flashcards yourself and use them in for teaching and in games.

<Download Capital ABCs flashcards>
<Download Capital ABCs flashcard sheet>

Go to Flashcard downloads

BINGO sheets: We provide free BINGO sheets that go with this lesson that you can download.

Go to BINGO sheet downloads

Worksheets: These are a great teacher's resource. Since KidsWow is not writing-based program, these worksheets are not meant to be teaching materials. However, they are extremely useful as student activities in between active teaching sessions.

Go to Worksheet downloads

Games: We've come up with all sorts of games to make teaching more fun. Many of these games incorporate the flashcards from this lesson, and make teaching the same thing over and over a breeze!

Go to Flashcard games

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New Words and Sentences in this Lesson

A apple
B banana
C cup
D drum
E egg
F fork
G glasses
H hammer
I igloo
J jet
K key
L lemon
M mushrooms
N nuts
O ostrich
P pencil
Q queen
R ring
S saw
T table
U umbrella
V vase
W watermelon
X box
Y yo-yo
Z zebra

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