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Learning English the Natural Way

Foundational English as a native English speaker would learn. Especially for kids AGES 3-13 and their families. Four DVDs will take you though the learning process from ABCs to a 600 word vocabulary. Learn 30 main sentence patterns which become 5000 sentence combintations. Easy and fun!

Why KidsWow Englishpro?

KidsWow EnglishPro is made especially for families who want to learn at home. However, it has also been designed and tested to work in the classroom with the teacher in mind. Either way, or a combination, will work great. The goal is that ALL kids learn basic English (the first thirty sentence patterns and 600-1000 words) fluently...reallly well, so you never forget and have to start over.

More about the KidsWow program and our unique concept of language learning...

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Natural Learning Process

5 Steps to Natural Learning

It all starts with listening

The value of English in Today's World

The Overall KidsWow EnglishPro Program

About Us

KidsWow Vision


KidsWow EnglishPro method is:

Learn a little. Learn it well. Use it a lot.



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KidsWow in Action

The KidsWow Englishpro program is currently being used by Ashiyama Family Center, a preschool located in Ashiya city, Japan.

To learn more about the Ashiyahama Family Center, go to the Ashiyahama Family Center website (English). (Japanese)



kidswow titlePurpose of the KidsWow program

Our program is designed to give you, the parent or teacher, the guidance and tools that you need to help your children become comfortable and confident in understanding and using the basics of today’s English.

The purpose of Kidswow EnglishPro is to:

     • Provide abundant listening practice with corresponding pictures or actions which help to clarify and imprint the meaning of the words.

     • Help to give fluency in basic English phrases and sentence patterns, providing a solid foundation to build upon.

     •Create confidence in both the child's and parents' ability to learn English.


Parents who use Kidswow with their kids will experience these great benefits:

     • Gives your child an early, lasting foundation in English, so that he can bring confidence to any English program he will encounter.

     • Restores parents' confidence and competence in English as they practice with their child, so that they will KNOW that they can help their child succeed.

     • Builds a deeper, closer relationships between parent and child, as you learn together and interact through games.


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